If you have a true longing for Truth and the Divine, and the courage to meet yourself wherever you find yourself, you can awaken.

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Relax into and accept your humanness and your Divinity


Unravel unresolved emotions & wounds in the light of Consciousness


Free your mind from beliefs that limit your full expression

Trillium Awakening in Boulder CO June KonopkaTrillium Awakening

Rapidly catalyze into awakened embodied consciousness.

What Clients Are Saying About Working With June

I had spent many years of my life in therapy, but was never able to achieve the forward movement (and have it stick) like when I worked with you. I was never able to get to the core of my problems. It seemed like you knew exactly the right questions and suggestions. I have always felt and still do that there was no one else who could have done what you did to help me. During our sessions, I saw how very perceptive and intuitive you are, and I experienced that again in the phone sessions we did since my move.

SD - Glenwood Springs, CO

I felt safe and welcomed straight away in June’s home. As I relaxed, her abilities as a teacher and shaman got in and worked their magic on me allowing for fundamental healing of some young issues. What a relief to let those go!

Zoë Snyder

I arrived at June’s for a weekend retreat on a Friday night and within 30 minutes we were deeply into a process. We did several more wonderful processes over the weekend – all working towards the healing of deep areas in me and bringing me into much greater communion with my body, and my resistances to being embodied. I feel much more whole now! June is very skillful. She is very present, asks great questions and probes very skillfully.

JM - Los Angeles, CA